CTG Hepa Filter Certification Services

CTG has trained, experienced cleanroom specialists who can provide timely certifications and corresponding reports. We have the unique ability to adapt to tight time schedules, minimizing customer downtime.

We maintain a complete line of NIST traceable equipment to perform all certifications.

Commissioning Viable Testing - Airborne and Surface
Construction Project Management Airflow Impact Assessments
HEPA Filter Repair & Replacement Smoke Studies and Video Taping
Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Fumigation Post Construction Cleaning
Environmental Trending Formaldehyde Fumigation
Certification in Accordance with IES-RP-CC-006.2, ISO - 14644 and Federal Standard 209 E
Biosafety Cabinets / Fume Hoods / Laminar Flow Hoods
LAF, Fume Hood, BSC Repairs HEPA Filter Repair & Replacement
NSF 49 Testing under accreditation certified number OL10-01 Paraformaldehyde Fumigation
Required Tests:
Downflow Velocity Profile Inflow Velocity
Airflow Smoke Patterns HEPA Filter Leak Scan
Cabinet Leak Test
Optional Tests: (worker comfort)
Lighting Intensity Noise Level
Electrical Leakage Electrical Ground Circuit Resistance
Electrical Polarity Vibration
Product Representation
Veltec Associates Inc. (VAI) SMA Viable Air Sampling Equipment, Disinfectants, Disposable Cleanroom Attire
Gas Utility Qualifications
Gas Viable & Non Viable Performance Qualifications
Filter Selection Modular Softwall Systems
Technical Support SOP & Protocol Documentaion + Monitoring
Airflow Smoke Studies Calibration Services